Care About Climate Change? Then Don’t Vote Green in 2020!

Are you a member of the Green Party?  Do you plan to vote for the Green candidate in November?  If so, let me be the first to ask you to consider doing what is best for the environment, rather than voting for the Green party candidate.

It would certainly be nice if voting for the Green party candidate was also in the best interests of the environment, but that is not the case in the 2020 election.   In 2020 there were be several presidential candidates as there are every year.  There will be a Republican (Trump), a Democrat (to be determined), a Green, a Libertarian, and perhaps a few more.

But the truth is we all know that either a Republican (Trump), or a Democrat will be elected as the next President of the United States.  The Green party candidate and Libertarian party candidate and other candidates have almost zero chance this year as in others.

Therefore, every voter really is stuck with just two options, the Republican or the Democrat.  And if you care about the environment, you should vote AGAINST the Republican.  Trump has already allowed and promoted a lot of laws that harm the environment.  He will do even more if given a second term.

Trump, and the Republican Party, DENY global warming.  They will take no action to reduce global warming.

When you vote for a Democrat, the only candidate besides a Republican that could win, you are increasing the chances that the Republican will be pushed out of the Presidency.  That would certainly be good for the environment.

If you need more convincing try this thought experiment.  If you were forced to take one hundred thousand of your own dollars ($100,000.00) and bet on who would become the next President of the United States, how much of that money would you bet on the Green candidate?  How much on the Libertarian?  How much on the Democrat?  How much on the Republican?  I can tell you that I would put 50% down on the Democrat and 50% down on the Republican.  I would not waste any of my money betting on a candidate that I know won’t win.

So, come November 2020, please consider doing what is best for the environment (voting against the Republican), rather than voting for the Green party candidate.

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