Do Republicans Fear To Negotiate Because They Know They Will Lose?

Over the last decades Republicans have increasingly refused to negotiate or discuss ideas with Democrats. They even gave up being polite to Democrats and want to avoid all association with them. In cities and states across the countries, Republican lawmakers create laws to try to impose their desires rather than holding a simple zoom meeting to discuss what is best for the people. Case in point, Republican lawmakers everywhere passing laws forbidding cities, counties, and school districts from issuing mask mandates. This leads to cities, states, and counties all using state money to sue each other and contest the rulings in court.

Why don’t Republican lawmakers sit down with a school district and discuss, like reasonable adults, what is best for the students, faculty, and community in each case? I think we all know the answer.

The answer is that: Republicans know they will lose any argument/discussion that attempts to seek consensus about what is best!

Rather than entering into a discussion they know they will lose, such as, “Should we let children play with loaded guns or keep guns away from children.”, where we already know the Republican politicians will say the children should be allowed to play with loaded guns (Don’t believe me? Ask one to make a PUBLIC comment about it), Republicans avoid discussions by creating laws and using the weapons of lawsuits to try to enforce their ideas upon others!