How often was the debt ceiling raised under past presidents?

So far, the debt ceiling has been raised 3 times during Obama’s presidency (about 1 per year).
It was raised 7 times by George W. Bush (almost 1 per year).
It was raised 4 times by Bill Clinton (once every 2 years).
It was raised 17 times by Ronald Reagan (more than 2 per year).

You get to choose, a villa in France or universal health care

As a democratic society and economy, we get to choose how the resources in our economy are allocated. One option is to reduce taxes on the wealthy so that wealthy people can purchase villas in France, condominiums in Dubai, and invest in the economies of China, India, and other profitable economies. Another option is to increase taxes on the wealthy so that the middle class and poor in the U.S. are not burdened by the high costs of health care, high price of fuel, high price of food, and other basic necessities of life. How do you vote?

Pascal’s wager, in reverse

How can you spend your whole life worshiping God when this life may be the only chance you get to live. If there is no heaven, and there is no hell, and there is no afterlife of any kind, then shouldn’t you be making the most of the life you have now? The life you have now is the only one that you can know with certainty you will have. Don’t waste it giving your time and resources to gods, churches, and influential TV preachers. Spend that time and your money as if this is the only life you have to live and is your only chance to affect the universe; because that very well may be the case.