A prayer for the secular

I would like to thank Charles Darwin and Gregor Mendel for teaching us about evolution and genetics without which we would not be able to eat of this bountiful feast today.    I would like to thank Newton and Einstein for their contributions to science that underlie most technologies we use today to provide us a life of comfort.  I would like to think the ancient Greeks for giving us the concept of Democracy, an ideal upon which the U.S. Government is based.  I would like to thank our geography for keeping us out of the most severe damage caused during World War II and for providing us opportunities to prosper by rebuilding the world after that great war.  I would like to thank F.D.R. and others for the social and economic reforms of the Great Depression and following World War II that caused the American Middle Class to grow which turned our nation into the most powerful economic force in the world.  Finally, I’d like to thank the U.S. Government for investing in the science that led to the development of computers, the Internet, and GPS satellites; three technologies doing more to improve life around the world than another other technologies of the last fifty years.