Trump Lemmings Set Themselves Up For More Disappointment

It is difficult to understand why Trump Supporters, aka “Trump Worshippers”, aka “Trump Lemmings” continue to schedule future dates at which they can be upset, disappointed, and depressed.

The current theory claims Trump will be re-instated in office following a military coup in August of 2021. Here are the facts:

  • There is no legal or legitimate path for Trump to become the U.S. President until the next presidential election in 2024.
  • The U.S. military has never fought against the people of the United States and there is nothing to indicate they would change 250 years of successful history and do that now.
  • Armed militias such as the OathKeepers could possibly kill some Americans and “capture” some buildings; but the U.S. military, police, and national guard will respond and likely kill them.
  • If you believe the U.S. military will take over the U.S. government, then you also must understand that they could not name Trump as President. He would instead be a military dictator and it would mean the end of Congress, our court systems. He would not be “President”.
  • If you believe the U.S. military will take over the U.S. government, then you must also realize that the military will be divided and would go to war against itself. This would lead to a national armed internal conflict similar to the civil war that would like last years and include the detonation of nuclear weapons. Ultimately it would leave the United States devastated and the majority of the population would die of starvation and war.
  • If you believe the U.S. military will take over the U.S. government, then you must also realize that countries around the world will withdraw from their agreements with the United States. They will recognize that the U.S. is no longer reliable or safe. The economic impact will be far worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s. And in the following decades the United States would fall apart due to widespread violence and famine.

Fortunately, mentally stable people know that nothing is going to happen in August, with the exception of a few attacks by white supremacists on some individuals and some buildings. That will be sad and unsettling, but it will not place Donald Trump in power in the U.S.

March 4th, 2021 – Another Sad Day For QAnon

Disappointment seems to menace QAnon followers everywhere these days. March 4th may be the worst. After anxious months of waiting for Donald Trump to be re-installed in the White House as President of our country, the day passed with absolutely no indication in any change in government of any form whatsoever. On March 4th, QAnon hoped Trump would become President again, but it didn’t happen.

Wait a minute! It isn’t March 4th yet!

I’m sure the QAnon believers are shouting at me now calling me a libtard and idiot. They are saying that I can’t know everything that might happen so I can’t say Trump won’t become president again before March 4th has passed. “Just wait and see” they say!

Oh, but I can tell you that Donald Trump will not become President on March 4th. I know this to be true the same way that I know that one plus one equals two today; and one plus one will still equal two on March 4th. There is no path for Donald Trump to become President. There is no legal mechanism for it to happen. There is not advanced technology to teleport him into the White House and eject President Biden to outer space. There is no army of weekend warriors waiting to defeat the U.S. military and install Trump as President. There is just no way it can happen. It is as obvious as one plus one equals two.

It is tragic, beyond tragic, that so many people lack the common sense to understand this. People believe in magic. That is what happens when you become part of a cult. And people that believe Trump will be President in March 4th are in a cult. Cult members believe, despite all facts and evidence and common sense, that certain events will come to pass. Worst of all, when those events fail to come to fruition, some one in the cult will create a new, crazier event that will happen on a future date to keep the cult alive. How can we help people escape a cult. It is really difficult and it makes me sad that people I know are in this one.