Raise our taxes, I don’t want litter everywhere!

In the 1970s cities and towns across the country began a campaign to stop litter. The campaign was simple. First, pass laws making littering a crime and punishable by a fine. Second, put up signs along the roads warning drivers and potential litterers about the crime. And third, enforcing those laws. This took money to implement, and a portion of our taxes is still dedicated to litter prevention. Without those tax dollars, we will be unable to stop litter, and people will begin littering again.
Who would litter if the law was not enforced? Well, some people believe that if you do whatever is in your best interest, then what you are doing is right by definition. Since disposing of trash, particularly trash that may be sticky or smelly is easier to do by throwing it out your car window that placing a trash can in your car and emptying it when you get home, we can assume that the believes of “best interest” would litter. There are also a lot of people that believe any thing they have done in the past was “right” and “OK” if they got away with it. So anyone that felt they could get away with littering and not feel any shame about their action would probably litter. There are also people that don’t care about the environment, or that believe that God or a divine power would not allow our beautiful Earth to become trashed no matter what their actions, and these people would then also be more likely to litter. Finally, there are people that feel taking care of trash is a task that is beneath them because they are too important or valuable to Earth to be bothered with such menial tasks. Plus, picking up their trash would provide jobs and employment to other poor people.

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