Hobby Lobby Employees Lose! Hobby Lobby Millionaire Owners Win!

In a stunning loss for religious freedom, the supreme court ruled today that businesses (who also happen to be people) can suppress the rights and freedoms of their employees and force their own religious views upon their employees.

Here is a great article explaining the details:


So what can the employees of Hobby Lobby do?

1) They can quit.  Hobby Lobby is a low paying company.  Many people work there for lower wages than they can get elsewhere because they like the company owner’s Christian stance.  Well if they like the company owner’s greed just as much and they are willing to give up $1,000 in health care costs to fill the pockets of those rich owners, then they will stay employed there.  Otherwise they will just leave.

2) They can opt out of the crappy Hobby Lobby health care plan and opt in to an Obamacare plan that provides all the coverage they need!

Is this going to be even another victory for Obamacare?  Will they Obamacare get thousands of new signups from women seeking decent health care?

How Should People Respond To Open Carry?

This was already exactly my plan.  If I’m in a restaurant and a person or people walk in carrying guns I am going to leave right away.  Better safe than sorry.  Please read this article.


My first plan is to just avoid spending money in stores in the local municipalities that allow open carry, but as that becomes less practical I will simply make more purchases online, or have food delivered.  When I do go out, if I see someone carrying a gun I will leave the restaurant, without paying.


Five years ago if we saw a man walk onto a college campus or in a hospital or church carrying a gun we knew he was up to no good.  Now the gun advocates are asking us to assume that the same man may have good intentions.  They are asking us to let him get closer and to trust him.  Something seems really wrong to me with that plan.