Toddler Hell? Do Toddlers Go To The Same Hell as Adults

When God sends toddlers to hell, is it the same hell that adults are sent to? Would what an adult considers hell be the same as what a toddler or infant considers hell? Or is there a separate hell for toddlers? Is there a separate hell for infants? Perhaps there is a passage in the Bible that describes what hell is like for infants and toddlers.

Do Republicans Fear To Negotiate Because They Know They Will Lose?

Over the last decades Republicans have increasingly refused to negotiate or discuss ideas with Democrats. They even gave up being polite to Democrats and want to avoid all association with them. In cities and states across the countries, Republican lawmakers create laws to try to impose their desires rather than holding a simple zoom meeting to discuss what is best for the people. Case in point, Republican lawmakers everywhere passing laws forbidding cities, counties, and school districts from issuing mask mandates. This leads to cities, states, and counties all using state money to sue each other and contest the rulings in court.

Why don’t Republican lawmakers sit down with a school district and discuss, like reasonable adults, what is best for the students, faculty, and community in each case? I think we all know the answer.

The answer is that: Republicans know they will lose any argument/discussion that attempts to seek consensus about what is best!

Rather than entering into a discussion they know they will lose, such as, “Should we let children play with loaded guns or keep guns away from children.”, where we already know the Republican politicians will say the children should be allowed to play with loaded guns (Don’t believe me? Ask one to make a PUBLIC comment about it), Republicans avoid discussions by creating laws and using the weapons of lawsuits to try to enforce their ideas upon others!

Was the Shooting of Jacob Blake Justified?

George Floyd was murdered. There is no doubt in my mind of that. The police officer that knelt on his neck causing Floyd’s death should be tried and convicted and sent to prison.

But the Jacob Blake incident looks different to me than the George Floyd incident. When I watch the video of the Jacob Blake incident I see a man refusing to comply with police officer orders, acting in a hostile manner (by refusing to comply), and walking to his vehicle, opening the door, and possibly reaching for a weapon contained inside. This is a man that should be punished for not complying with the police officer’s instructions. He should NOT be shot, but he deserves punishment, such as a night in jail or $100 fine. By opening the door to the van where he very well could have been looking to retrieve a weapon, I think his punishment should be increased. He should NOT be shot, but deserves a month in jail, and perhaps a $10,000 fine.

The police officer involved had mere seconds to try to decide if Jacob Blake was going to increase his hostility toward the police officers (Blake was already hostile by refusing to talk to the police). It is possible that Blake was going to grab a weapon to shoot at both police officers and anyone else standing near by. The police officers involved had no way to know, and we want police officers to error on the side of protecting themselves and the public.

Perhaps new information will come to light to provide clarity and answers. But for now, I think the police officer should be put on administrative leave pending an investigation, and that protests of the officers actions are unjustified at this time.

Trump. Neither a Good Leader, Nor a Good Manager

A good leader would have asked the nation to prepare for the possibility that covid-19 might cause death in our society and significant disruptions in our way of life.  A good manager would have started gathering resources and putting plans in place to deal with the risks of covid-19 just in case they came to fruition.  Trump did neither of these things, for he is neither a good leader nor a good manager.  In fact, he exacerbated the problems because he is a bad leader and a bad manager.  Instead of accepting there was a risk, he said the threat of the virus was a hoax.  He did this because he feared that any concern he expressed that the risk of covid-19 might be real would cause a sell off in the stock market, which would greatly affect his pride and possibly his re-election chances.  He also did not have his staff begin stockpiling equipment or making plans because he, and most of his staff, are incompetent and simply don’t know how to manage large operations.  They lack the self-discipline to focus on tedious tasks and see projects through to completion.

When covid-19 became real in the United States, Trump again failed as both a leader and a manager.

A good leader would have asked the people of our country, and the world, to come together to take the actions necessary to slow down the damage caused by the virus.  Instead of doing this, Trump, fearing that this would reflect badly on him, spent his resources trying to push the blame on the Democrats, China, Obama, the World Health Organization, the CDC, governors of Democratic states, and others.  Trump refused to wear a mask and down-played the possible increase in cases and deaths that could occur.  This lack of leadership led his flock to follow his example and adamantly and violently refuse to wear masks and practice social distancing.  Millions of his followers ignored the advice of all health professionals due to the distrust of all caused by their failure to agree with Trump.  A good leader would have asked the people of the country to come together, to each sacrifice a little for the good of all others.  A good leader would have spoken words of encouragement about how, working together, we could all get through this together.  But we heard no such talk from Trump.  Instead Trump spent his time casting blame.  Sadly, he spent much time stirring up resentment against Democrats and Liberals, much to the delight of foreign countries like Russia and China that love to see Americans spend our resources tearing each other apart instead of making America stronger.

A good manager, in this time, would have set up a central organization to share and manage information, PPE, guidance, and plans and practices.  Although Trump’s administration started to do some of these things they lacked the managerial competence to see the actions through.  Essentially they got bored with trying to deal with a coordinated response.  They gave up and told the states that they each needed to deal with this on their own.

During all this time Trump’s actions caused additional harm from the fact that everyone in the country expected our national government to take the lead.  Valuable time passed while states and cities and hospitals waited for the U.S. government to take the lead and provide guidance and coordination.

Finally, a good leader would have showered praise on the good works of others.  He would have done this continually.  He would have spoken from his heart when doing so rather than reading it from a piece of paper as if he were reading his 5th grade book report.  Any person that has read and studied the traits of good leaders and good managers, and the traits of poor leaders and poor managers, will see that Trump exhibits the traits and actions of poor leadership.  His only tools for motivating others is to threaten, bully, and instill fear.  Likewise, you can see he lacks the patience to manage anything properly.  He doesn’t want to waste time on anything he doesn’t enjoy, despite the value it may provide to millions of people.

Trump Punishes Colleges For Not Forcing Students To Attend

Trump believes that only an economy that appears to be strong and fully functioning by November can save his re-election chances.  Toward that end he will do everything he can to keep businesses and schools open, if it costs the lives of tens or hundreds of thousands of American lives and trillions of dollars of economic damage.

The only explanation for Trump’s rule to force foreign students to leave America if they are not attending classes in person is to punish colleges, and punish foreign students for that action.

We know Trump enjoys punishing those he does not like.

We know Trump does not like foreigners.

We know he does not like seeing things shut down just to protect American lives.

We know the only tool he knows how to use to negotiate is to bully and punish.

Yes, definitely, Trump’s action is pure punishment toward those who are trying to keep themselves healthy and safe because he thinks that anything that is “closed” reflects poorly on him.

Did Republicans Dup Kanye West Into Running for President?

  • Kanye obviously won’t be able to run as a Republican or Democrat.
  • Kanye is a friend and big supporter of President Trump.

Why would Kanye run against his friend, President Trump?  Perhaps this is a desperate attempt by the Republican Party and Trump worshippers to salvage an election victory.  They are getting hammered in the polls due to Trump’s obvious racism against blacks and other minorities along with his incompetency with handling the pandemic.

How can the Republican party stand a chance to win the White House for another term?  Perhaps if they can siphon off some of the votes that will otherwise be going to Biden.  If they can pull a large share of the “black” vote away from Biden and to Kanye, then perhaps they will have enough votes to defeat Biden.

I thought Kanye was a little smarter than to allow himself to be used as a tool by the Republican party.  It would be respectable if he ran as the Republican candidate instead of Trump.  But for Kanye to be duped into running simply to cause many black Americans to vote in a way that favors Trump instead of Biden is detrimental to the progress black Americans are finally starting to make here in 2020.

Bad news for Black Americans.  Bad news for minority Americans.  Bad news for American ideals.  Bad news for the planet and Humankind.


Get Rid of Police Departments! Let Freedom Ring!

Without police departments we can save a lot of money.

We can cancel our services like ADT that call the police if our house is burglarized.

We can eliminate a lot of court costs since there won’t be any more traffic violations that need to be adjudicated.

We will recover many of our freedoms like:

  • The ability to drive without seatbelts
  • The ability to ignore driving speed limits
  • The ability to ignore red lights
  • We can carry our own weapons visibly or concealed wherever we want
  • We can stay up all night making as much noise as we want because there won’t be any noise ordinance enforcement
  • We can shoot off fireworks 24/7 every day of the year
  • We can own lions, tigers, bears, and whatever other exotic pets we want in our own homes
  • We can run any business we want, daycares, churches, restaurants, and more right out of our own homes
  • It will be easy to dine and dash or grab and go
  • Prostitutes will be able to freely work the streets and solicit business
  • Drug dealers will be able to freely work the streets, maybe even open up stores unless the federal government has enough manpower to monitor every city
  • Small service businesses will be able to collect money up front from people to do some work, then simply not do the work.  Likewise, people will be able to get work done by other small businesses then simply not pay them for that work.
  • Men will be free to discipline their wives and children without fear of punishment


I, the author of this post write the above in sarcasm.  As a lifelong anti-Republican I just realized that one thing that could get me to start voting for Republicans is if I can count on them to retain police departments that we might lose if Democrats are elected.

If you express sympathy and sadness for the lives lost due to covid-19, then you don’t support @realDonaldTrump

You will never hear any Trump supporter (worshiper is a better word) express sadness or sympathy for the lives lost to Covid-19.   They will not bring up the topic and will try to avoid it.  For some reason, they equate the deaths with Trump and in some part of their mind it reflects poorly on Trump.  They can’t accept this.  The idea that Trump made a mistake does not co-exist with their belief in Trump’s perfection.  Therefore they hide from the facts.  They mentally suppress and deny the information.  It angers them when they hear the facts because it strains their tenuous hold on their delusions.