Changes in Conservative Values In the Last 3 Years

As a conservative, do you agree or disagree?

  1. Conservatives now believe loyalty to authority is more important than the rule of law.
  2. Conservatives now believe the Federal Government, especially the Executive branch, should be allowed to do whatever it wants.  Its power should not be limited or constrained by any other branch of government.
  3. Conservatives now oppose freedom of speech.  Only speech that supports conservative positions and doesn’t force them to question their ideals should be allowed.
  4. Conservatives no longer support civil discourse.

GE and Westinghouse about to Get Their Way At The Expense of All Americans – Thanks to Trump

A few large companies, notably GE and Westinghouse, are behind the push to reduce energy efficiency in the United States because these businesses still make profits selling outdated technology.  They have successfully tricked Trump into believing that their ability to produce old technology bulbs is better for the country than stable power grids, cost savings for individuals, and reductions in global warming.

How did they convince Trump to do this?  It is easy, like so many people that are anti-liberal, they believe that any government regulations must be bad.  They have been preached to by Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck for decades that all regulation is evil, and they now accept that as truth.

The results of the rollback of regulations about efficient light bulbs means the following:

  • A few large businesses will make a little more profit.  These are billion dollar businesses that often pay no taxes due to tax loopholes.
  • Individuals can save some money at the store by buying cheaper light bulbs.
  • But those same individuals will pay more money in electricity bills because incandescent bulbs require much more electricity.
  • Our power grids are more likely to experience black outs due to increased energy demands.
  • Our country must expend more resources, dollars and energy, to produce the increased electricity required to power the inefficient bulbs.
  • Global warming will increase more because of the increase in energy consumption.

It is so sad to see the resources of the world squandered so that a few individuals may make a short term profit.

Business Does What Republicans Can’t – Improve Gun Safety in the U.S.

Businesses continue to do what Republicans fail to do, make America safer for its citizens.  Businesses like Dick’s sporting goods and Walmart have stopped selling many assault rifles and explosive ammunition.  Walmart and CVS and Kroger and other businesses are asking customers not to carry guns openly in their stores.  Only an idiot fails to see what danger open carrying causes in public places.  Open carry rightly alarms people that see others walking around with guns, and when people are frightened we can expect an increase in irrational and hasty decisions.  Without a doubt, open carry increases the danger to innocent, law-abiding people.

The ONE Thing YOU Can Do To Reduce Gun Violence: Vote For A Democrat!

The ONE Thing You Can Do To Reduce Gun Violence in the United States is to Vote for a Democrat!

Clearly the Republicans, over and over, ignore the atrocities and mass shootings.  Clearly they take NO ACTION AT ALL, to address this problem plaguing the nation.

How many times do you have to watch Republicans ignore mass shootings before you realize they simply don’t care?  If they did care, they would try to do something; but they never do!