Self interested politicians can’t last

Voters elect politicians that they believe will help the voters, not politicians that want to help themselves. This simple and true statement offers proof to those who claim that solutions based on the actions of self-interested individuals are always the best way to solve societal problems. A few right wing zealots will begin to argue that a politician that acts in his own self-interest won’t get re-elected; but that argument fails to acknowledge that the politician is better off losing the next election in order to accept the payoff from special interest groups now. To clarify, a politician may vote to allow the pollution production plant to open, sacrificing getting re-elected, because he will be hired by the pollution production company with a huge salary when he leaves office.
Thus it is clear that no one wants politicians to act in their own self-interest (enriching themselves by giving away the assets of our country). If the people making the most important decisions in the country should not be basing those decisions on self interest; perhaps other decisions should not be based on self interest either.