Can the US Government behave like Warren Buffet?

Free Market purists like to claim that things go bad when the government intervenes, but how is government intervention different than an individual intervention? They say that to have the government invest in a business to prevent it from going bankrupt is bad; but how does the government investment differ from the investment of a rich individual such as Warren Buffet? Is it OK for Warren Buffet to invest 5 billion dollars in Goldman Sachs, but not OK for the US Government to do so? Why should the US Government have to follow different rules that Warren Buffet? Is it because we can’t trust the US Government because the US Government is not motivated solely by profit?

The majority problem

Centuries ago most people accepted that a king had the right to decide right and wrong.  Today many people believe that the majority has the right to decide right and wrong.  This may seem to be a social improvement, and it might be, but it also happens to be untrue.  Using logic, we can prove the following claim to be false; “The will of the majority should be accepted as right.”.  If the statement were true, and most people believed that the sun rotated around the earth (as they once did), then it could imply that other beliefs should be discouraged and scorned.  Yet, just because the majority desires a fact to be true, does not make it so.

If the majority believe women are inferior to men, that does not make it so. If the majority believe there is or is not a god, that does not make it so. If the majority believe only one specific language should be spoken in a country, that does not make it “right”.

In what cases should we listen to the will of the majority?  On what basis should be make our rules and laws?