For the Poor and Middle Class, the U.S.A. is All We’ve Got

For the poor and the middle class, the USA is all we have. But for the rich and wealthy, the USA is just one source of income and just one of many places to live. Most of the rich already have their wealth spread out around the globe, at least the smart ones do, because it is smart to diversify your wealth in case something bad happens in one sector or economy. So the rich can afford to say, “Let’s risk the long-term success of the USA on the policies of supporting Big Oil, Big Pharma, and other Big Business along with low taxes for the rich. If we are wrong, we always have other countries we can live in and pull income from.”
Poor people don’t have that option. Poor people have no money to invest in other economies and lack the resources to move to other parts of the world easily. The poor and middle class are mostly stuck in the USA and have to figure out how to make it work. Therefore the poor and middle class care greatly about the success of America. Our future lives depend upon the success of America.