Kansas City Regional Atheist Meeting October 5th – 7th

Kansas City Regional Atheist Meeting

Nate Phelps

Dogmatic Faith is Destructive to Children and Other Living Creatures

Darrel Ray

Sex in Our Politics and Workshop: Creative Conflict Resolution

Rebecca Watson

Legitimate Threat: What the War on Women Means To Atheists

Shawn Lawrence Otto

God, Science & the Elections

David Silverman

Kicking Butt on the National Legislative Scene

Katherine Stewart

The Good News Club: The Religious Right’s Assault on America’s Children

Amanda Knief

The Golden Calf: Why the Faith-Based Initiative Needs to Be Sacrificed: The Problems Created by the Current Faith Based Initiative Program and its History


Workshop: Great Godless Lobbying: How to Make Elected Officials Work for Us



Harry Shaughnessy

Workshop: Fun in Fundraising

Joshua Hyde

Workshop: Showing the Humanism of Atheism: Service and Philanthropy

JT Eberhard, Hemant Mehta, and David Burger

Workshop: Campus Activism


Do you have any weapons, flammable materials, or hazardous religious beliefs?

Check out this funny cartoon from Don Addis by selecting November 28th in the dropdown at this link:


Do you have any weapons, flammable materials, or hazardous religious beliefs?  We should be asking this before allowing people to board planes; and maybe before they can enter a polling location to vote.