Do Republicans Fear To Negotiate Because They Know They Will Lose?

Over the last decades Republicans have increasingly refused to negotiate or discuss ideas with Democrats. They even gave up being polite to Democrats and want to avoid all association with them. In cities and states across the countries, Republican lawmakers create laws to try to impose their desires rather than holding a simple zoom meeting to discuss what is best for the people. Case in point, Republican lawmakers everywhere passing laws forbidding cities, counties, and school districts from issuing mask mandates. This leads to cities, states, and counties all using state money to sue each other and contest the rulings in court.

Why don’t Republican lawmakers sit down with a school district and discuss, like reasonable adults, what is best for the students, faculty, and community in each case? I think we all know the answer.

The answer is that: Republicans know they will lose any argument/discussion that attempts to seek consensus about what is best!

Rather than entering into a discussion they know they will lose, such as, “Should we let children play with loaded guns or keep guns away from children.”, where we already know the Republican politicians will say the children should be allowed to play with loaded guns (Don’t believe me? Ask one to make a PUBLIC comment about it), Republicans avoid discussions by creating laws and using the weapons of lawsuits to try to enforce their ideas upon others!

Republicans are the snake oil salesman of today

I’ve noticed the Republican cure for all of society’s ailments is always tax cuts. Tax cuts will stimulate the economy; tax cuts will create jobs. Tax cuts will help reduce the deficit. Tax cuts will help make health care more efficient. Tax cuts will help you lose weight. Tax cuts will even cure cancer.

Time to pay more taxes

What are we waiting for? It is evident that most everyone needs to begin paying a little bit more in taxes now. We know government spending won’t stop. If you don’t like the spending done by the Obama administration, go back and look at the spending by the previous Bush administration because it was just as bad.

Neither party believes they can advocate raising taxes because many people are now convinced that all taxes are evil. Yet, raising taxes is the way out; and the only way out.

Think about this: currently, we are living with low tax rates (the lowest ever), and we are doing this by borrowing from our children. It is our children, in future generations, that will have to suffer from higher tax rates to support our discounted tax rates today. Let’s raise our taxes now to give our children a better future!

Nothing is Trickling Down

Any way you look at it, the rich are getting richer and the middle class and poor are getting poorer.  Why do some people continue to believe that wealth is trickling down?

Soaring gas prices don’t impact the wealthy at all.  If you increase their purchases by a few dollars to account for higher shipping costs, you are reducing their disposable income from 90% to 88%; but when you increase the purchases for most of us by a few dollars, you are decreasing our disposable income from 10% to 0%.  We all understand that people have less money to buy luxury items, but we don’t seem competent enough to do the math to show that the rich are unaffected by it.

Poverty and Guns: Do they go well together?

Have you noticed that the conservative right favors loose gun control regulations, and they favor providing weapons and training to millions of strangers around the world?  They also favor policies to transfer other wealth from the poor to the rich.  Ultimately, the poor are left with weapons and little else.  Doesn’t this combination seem a little dangerous?