Was the Shooting of Jacob Blake Justified?

George Floyd was murdered. There is no doubt in my mind of that. The police officer that knelt on his neck causing Floyd’s death should be tried and convicted and sent to prison.

But the Jacob Blake incident looks different to me than the George Floyd incident. When I watch the video of the Jacob Blake incident I see a man refusing to comply with police officer orders, acting in a hostile manner (by refusing to comply), and walking to his vehicle, opening the door, and possibly reaching for a weapon contained inside. This is a man that should be punished for not complying with the police officer’s instructions. He should NOT be shot, but he deserves punishment, such as a night in jail or $100 fine. By opening the door to the van where he very well could have been looking to retrieve a weapon, I think his punishment should be increased. He should NOT be shot, but deserves a month in jail, and perhaps a $10,000 fine.

The police officer involved had mere seconds to try to decide if Jacob Blake was going to increase his hostility toward the police officers (Blake was already hostile by refusing to talk to the police). It is possible that Blake was going to grab a weapon to shoot at both police officers and anyone else standing near by. The police officers involved had no way to know, and we want police officers to error on the side of protecting themselves and the public.

Perhaps new information will come to light to provide clarity and answers. But for now, I think the police officer should be put on administrative leave pending an investigation, and that protests of the officers actions are unjustified at this time.

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