Did Republicans Dup Kanye West Into Running for President?

  • Kanye obviously won’t be able to run as a Republican or Democrat.
  • Kanye is a friend and big supporter of President Trump.

Why would Kanye run against his friend, President Trump?  Perhaps this is a desperate attempt by the Republican Party and Trump worshippers to salvage an election victory.  They are getting hammered in the polls due to Trump’s obvious racism against blacks and other minorities along with his incompetency with handling the pandemic.

How can the Republican party stand a chance to win the White House for another term?  Perhaps if they can siphon off some of the votes that will otherwise be going to Biden.  If they can pull a large share of the “black” vote away from Biden and to Kanye, then perhaps they will have enough votes to defeat Biden.

I thought Kanye was a little smarter than to allow himself to be used as a tool by the Republican party.  It would be respectable if he ran as the Republican candidate instead of Trump.  But for Kanye to be duped into running simply to cause many black Americans to vote in a way that favors Trump instead of Biden is detrimental to the progress black Americans are finally starting to make here in 2020.

Bad news for Black Americans.  Bad news for minority Americans.  Bad news for American ideals.  Bad news for the planet and Humankind.


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