Get Rid of Police Departments! Let Freedom Ring!

Without police departments we can save a lot of money.

We can cancel our services like ADT that call the police if our house is burglarized.

We can eliminate a lot of court costs since there won’t be any more traffic violations that need to be adjudicated.

We will recover many of our freedoms like:

  • The ability to drive without seatbelts
  • The ability to ignore driving speed limits
  • The ability to ignore red lights
  • We can carry our own weapons visibly or concealed wherever we want
  • We can stay up all night making as much noise as we want because there won’t be any noise ordinance enforcement
  • We can shoot off fireworks 24/7 every day of the year
  • We can own lions, tigers, bears, and whatever other exotic pets we want in our own homes
  • We can run any business we want, daycares, churches, restaurants, and more right out of our own homes
  • It will be easy to dine and dash or grab and go
  • Prostitutes will be able to freely work the streets and solicit business
  • Drug dealers will be able to freely work the streets, maybe even open up stores unless the federal government has enough manpower to monitor every city
  • Small service businesses will be able to collect money up front from people to do some work, then simply not do the work.  Likewise, people will be able to get work done by other small businesses then simply not pay them for that work.
  • Men will be free to discipline their wives and children without fear of punishment


I, the author of this post write the above in sarcasm.  As a lifelong anti-Republican I just realized that one thing that could get me to start voting for Republicans is if I can count on them to retain police departments that we might lose if Democrats are elected.

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