Donald Trump’s Path to the Republican Nomination for President

Much of America, myself included, remain surprised that Donald Trump continues to lead the race for the Republican nomination to be the next president of the United States.  I have a theory about one thing that makes Trump so popular.  It is his unwillingness to apologize, show any regret, or hint that he is ever less than one hundred percent certain of what he is doing.

Our world is complicated.  It is often impossible for a person to take an action without bringing slight harm or minor injustice to another person, animal, society, or the environment.  Prominent people are routinely criticized for every action they take, because for all the good an action may do, someone will, or may, experience some loss.

Many people do not take criticism well.  They become angry.  They become defensive of their action.  Perhaps most of all, they hate the person that has pointed out the harm they have done to others.  People with very high opinions of themselves don’t want other people questioning or judging their choices.  This angers them, and therefore they enjoy seeing those who question them punished or criticized.  Changing the subject, or blaming the critic, is their way of dealing with the fact that their action was a mistake.

Unfortunately, America has millions of people that are unapologetic.  Millions of people that cannot accept any criticism without being angered by it.  Millions of people that take this anger and reflect it back at those who criticize them.  The tough guy heroes in many movies and television shows present this attitude.  The tough guy hero never doubts himself, always outwits the enemy, and never is made to look a fool. The tough guy hero is always right.  In the movies.

Donald Trump is playing the role of the tough guy hero.  He is truly unapologetic.  Donald Trump could ‘shoot somebody and not lose voters’, as long as he is unapologetic about it.  His lack of regret, lack of remorse, and lack of reflection on his actions are all traits that many Americans admire in their tough guy heroes, and also admire in Donald Trump.

So Donald, if you want to win this nomination, just continue being unapologetic for anything you do or say.  It is what many of the people in this country want to hear because they don’t like being criticized themselves because they think they too, are tough guy heroes.  Most of those Americans are Republicans, perhaps 40% to 50% of Republicans, which will be enough to win that vote.  Fortunately, for America, when the rest of the voters come to vote for President, the other Republicans, and all of the Democrats will vote for whoever runs against you, making that person the next President of the United States.


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