Missouri Ends Punishment of Murdered Roderick Nunley

The State of Missouri chose to end the punishment of Roderick Nunley today for the vicious murder he committed in 1989.  Last minute appeals did little more than delay the end of his punishment and his sentence was terminated via lethal injection at 9:09am today.

The United States is one of the few advanced nations of the world that continues to use the death penalty to end the punishment process for people that would otherwise remain in prison until the end of their natural lives.  Along with the Unites States, China, Saudi Arabia, and Iran execute numerous citizens each year as a way to end the punishment they suffer from being alive in prison.

You can not punish a dead man.

However, I, for one, do not regret Roderick Nunley’s death.  He deserved both punishment and death.  But it would be nice if the U.S. could join the older and wiser countries of the world in a show of solidarity for humanity.  Plus it would save U.S. citizens a lot of money.


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