Are Monkeys More Moral Than Humans?

Are Monkeys More Moral Than Humans?
Are Monkeys More Moral Than Humans?

6 thoughts on “Are Monkeys More Moral Than Humans?

  1. Reblogged this on myatheistlife and commented:
    Here’s a short one but it should stay with you for a very long time. Think about it for a few minutes then look at this picture again. Then write me a 200+ word comment on why, if you think animals are not conscious and sentient.

    For those believers who think animals are not sentient or conscious because they have no soul. I want you to stare at this picture until it is so ingrained in your mind it will be your last thought in life.

  2. …but they are filthy animals! We are special in the eyes of the lard!

    …would be your typical dominionist creationist remark. I try my best not to paint creationists with too wide a brush of stupid, but there are days I just have to go with it. Anyone with am empathetic bone in their body can see the intelligence and caring in a lot of animals besides humans. To deny that takes a certain kind of blissful ignorance. The kind that makes me sick to my stomach.

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