A Study Shows Effect of Raising Vs Lowering Taxes on Schools and Job Growth

Raising Taxes for Schools

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Rarely is a natural experiment in economics so definitive. Minnesota raised taxes on the rich to boost K-12 school funding by $500 million and higher education by $250 million. Minnesota now has the 5th highest job growth in the nation–tied with California, which also increased taxes on the rich. Republican Governor Scott Walker in the neighboring state of Wisconsin did the opposite: he gave the rich and corporations $1.6 billion in tax breaks, raised taxes on the middle-class, and cut school funding more than any governor. Wisconsin now ranks 37th for job growth in the US and dead last in the Midwest. And perhaps most ironic of all: Forbes ranks Minnesota the 8th best state to do business, while Wisconsin is ranked 41st. Share if your state should follow Minnesota’s leadership. LIKE our page US Uncut!

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