The Bible Belt: It’s time to Kick God Out

The Bible Belt
The Bible Belt

2 thoughts on “The Bible Belt: It’s time to Kick God Out

  1. ah, but is the problem their god, or is the problem that they “bible belt” regions suffered from economic ruination for over 100 years, economic destitution for another fifty+ after that, and much of it can still pass for 2nd and 3rd world countries?

    It is well known that economic issues can greatly contribute and exacerbate to all the above factors you mention. So which is more likely the source of their problem, an invisible god, or a very visible poverty?

  2. The Bible Belt has not been the bible belt in over 40 years! You need to understand that maybe God allows the bad statistics you showed exist in this region because there are more people in this region to help all the reasons that make up the problem. Statistics show churches and Christian people show up and help far more then any other group. You have your opinion and I have mine. We will see the truth when we all take out our last breath now won’t we?

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