9 thoughts on “God Loves You So Much…

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    My partner today finally grasped the significance of the fact that for any given sect of Christianity which believes it is THE true Christianity and will go to heaven, they represent far less than 1% of all the people who have ever lived. So to this pic I’d add the following words

    That he created hell just in case you don’t love him back in exactly the right way.

    Can I get a big loud “fuck that” for the 99?

  2. I think for anyone willing to be intellectually honest…(with a drop of compassion) the question is like a thorn in the side Hell? how many? why? love?
    ….but many are able to say we don’t really know how god reached out to those others….(that weren’t around to hear the name of Jesus…OR that were on the far outstretched lands that the missionaries never got to before they died…. etc etc)
    I have even heard 1 Peter 3:18-19 used to say that Jesus went and preached the gospel message (across time and space) to all who would not hear it any other way , even those in the grave already….
    everything can be rationalized if you really really want it to be…. 😉

  3. Good point. this is one of the main reasons that I have drifted away from traditional Christian doctrine which teaches that, if we don’t believe exactly the same way today’s church says, then we will burn eternally in hell. Many Christians say the Bible teaches this, therefore it must be true. Also that God is a just God, so He would not let those who refuse his “grace” go to heaven. But the concept of a graceful and loving God does not fit that description. If God is all loving and powerful, why send souls to be tormented eternally? His love must be greater than what we can comprehend, including the concept of eternal punishment.

  4. This is a very complicated concept that is often misunderstood. I will do my best to explain with the limited knowledge I have.

    Lets say a young adolescent runs away from home without bringing any food or money and bring no clothes other than what he/she is wearing. The parents see their child is missing, so they chase after him/her. The closer the parents come, the further away the child runs, absolutely refusing to come back. Now, since the child’s parents provide all of his/her needs, and the child has no survival resources on his/her own, then eventually without the parents, that child won’t be able to survive…and will die. This is what going to Hell is. Continuously running away from God when He tries to come close to you and embrace you, so you suffer an inevitable spiritual death without God, as He is the source of spiritual life. Does that mean He is happy? No. But He does not keep people with Him by force.

    • I think the difference is, that the loving parents would not send their child to eternal Hell for running away from them, but God will send you to eternal Hell for running away from him. Not very forgiving, nor loving, of the creator.

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