“Things That Make No Sense”, Courtesy of the GOP

"Things That Make No Sense", Courtesy of the GOP
“Things That Make No Sense”, Courtesy of the GOP

4 thoughts on ““Things That Make No Sense”, Courtesy of the GOP

  1. Raising taxes on only a percentage of the population is foolish for two reasons: A) It is anti-capitalistic to raise taxes on a certain group of people and not another. On top of that, it isn’t fair. I’m saying that, and I’m unemployed and on my last leg (financially speaking); B) The wealthiest Americans are the ones who provide jobs for the rest of us; therefore, if we raise the taxes on them, their expenses go up, and less jobs are created.

    Along with this, the left wants to raise taxes AND spending, which would defeat the entire purpose of raising taxes.

    • Factually, every time taxes go up on the rich the economy does better. Factually, the system of capitalism is designed to eventually aggregate all the wealth into the hands of an elite few. Factually, wealthy are not magic job creators, in fact, they are 80 times more likely to send money out of the American economy and into other economies than poor. Poor people spend over 99% of their money in America, rich people spend less than 20% of their money in America. Small companies create new jobs, big companies always reduce jobs – it is how they make more money, by merging with another company and laying off workers. Liberals want to balance the budget, and raising taxes can’t be held as the one thing sacred blocking balancing the budget. Taxes are lower now than they have been in 100 years in the U.S. The effective corporate tax rate for large businesses in the U.S. is less than 5%, the lowest in the modern world. Income disparity between rich and poor is higher in the U.S. than any other country in the world. You should change the channel on your TV to anything besides Faux News and soak in a few FACTS.

    • Thanks for agreeing. To clarify your statement, “It makes no sense to lessen the taxes on those who pay us because they are just going to use the money to invest in foreign countries or buy a summer home in France anyway, not help the American economy. If they were going to help the American economy they would already have done so since the wealthy are sitting on the largest horde of wealth in the history of the world. They won’t even notice if they get a little more to sit on. The only thing that would, and should, spur a good capitalist to spend money in the American economy is when they see an opportunity to make more profit by doing so; and given that the middle class and poor are not spending a lot of money to buy things, the rich don’t see anything to invest in.”

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