Kansas City Regional Atheist Meeting October 5th – 7th

Kansas City Regional Atheist Meeting

Nate Phelps

Dogmatic Faith is Destructive to Children and Other Living Creatures

Darrel Ray

Sex in Our Politics and Workshop: Creative Conflict Resolution

Rebecca Watson

Legitimate Threat: What the War on Women Means To Atheists

Shawn Lawrence Otto

God, Science & the Elections

David Silverman

Kicking Butt on the National Legislative Scene

Katherine Stewart

The Good News Club: The Religious Right’s Assault on America’s Children

Amanda Knief

The Golden Calf: Why the Faith-Based Initiative Needs to Be Sacrificed: The Problems Created by the Current Faith Based Initiative Program and its History


Workshop: Great Godless Lobbying: How to Make Elected Officials Work for Us



Harry Shaughnessy

Workshop: Fun in Fundraising

Joshua Hyde

Workshop: Showing the Humanism of Atheism: Service and Philanthropy

JT Eberhard, Hemant Mehta, and David Burger

Workshop: Campus Activism


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