The wealthy parents need to be concerned about the education of all kids, not just their own.

Many Americans feel no concern about the poor quality of public education in schools.  After all, they are home-schooling their kids or providing them the extra support so that their kids, at least, will do better than most.  What these parents do not understand is that by ignoring the rest of the kids in public schools, they are condemning their kids to a future of being the good player on a poor team.  Other countries, like China and Japan, are improving the quality of education for all of their students, thus ensuring that the average student is good and successful in life, and when they are on teams, as they certainly will be in the business world, their peers will also be competent, helping the entire team be more effective than teams from countries that have only one star player per team.

4 thoughts on “The wealthy parents need to be concerned about the education of all kids, not just their own.

  1. We already spend too much on education. Name 5 countries which spend more per capita.

    I am a single man, because I used to believe the system was making us a better society.

    Now, I realize it was all a dismal failure.

    So, why should I care about spending 4 times as much in taxes as the education is worth?


    Why not make parents teach their children? Then the ones who care will succeed – just like in most of the other top 30 countries we are always compared to.


    • I agree, I don’t think we need to spend any more on education; but we know our public schools don’t teach science, technology, and math as well as most other nations (U.S. students rank low on average compared to them); which means the high-tech, high-paying work will go where the skills are – in other countries.

      • Actually, that was because Clinton sent the jobs over there. The high-paying jobs would stay here if our economy was led to be a good thing for America and Americans.

        Instead our children have been taught the false dichotomy of education. Most people in most countries do not go to college. Most workers in most countries never rise to be in the top 2% of wage earners in the world.

        But, if you are much above minimum wage in the US (above poverty) then you are in the top 2% world wide …. it is a false dichotomy which tells us we should be discontent.


  2. I don’t understand parts of your reply. How did Clinton send jobs over seas? And what is the false dichotomy – is it that educated people have higher standards of living and success?

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