Have Christians sold their souls to Republicans?

Many actions that seem to contradict our Christian morals are common practice among Republican leaders. Greed is one of the seven deadly sins; yet many, echoing Gordon Gecko, say “Greed is good”. Gluttony also is a deadly sin, yet most Republicans believe any person should be able to do whatever they want if it does not harm others. I was raised to believe that people should be stewards of the earth; but the Republican party sneers at initiatives to reduce waste and create a greener planet. I can see the merit in questioning some of the tenets of a green revolution; but the followers of the Republican leaders seem to take this to many that anything green, anything that reduces waste, is wrong.
The list goes on. Christians are admonished to help others (I think), and to help the less fortunate, and to be a good Samaritan. Yet in the U.S. Republicans teach to look out for yourself and to use others as stepping stones on your personal ladder of success.
Republican Christians like to preach that the U.S. is better than the rest of the world due to the principal of “Survival of the fittest”; and they invoke this in denying services to the poor – even though this principal only makes sense if you believe in evolution; which so many don’t.
If we asked the devil how he wants Republicans to behave, would he want them to behave any differently?
And what happened to WWJD? No one wanted to bring out that phrase during the Bush administration. What should we do with the prisoners in Cuba (WWJD)? Should we attack Iraq (WWJD)?

One thought on “Have Christians sold their souls to Republicans?

  1. Christians have. I am a republican though be because that even though you should not eat to much, it is not the government’s business to tell you how much you can eat! The republicans are not exactly denying services to the poor even though they are. The republicans point there is that it is the church’s job to help people, not the government’s. The church must step up and start helping people.

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